My Billionaire's Baby - Alexa Davis

My Billionaire's Baby

By Alexa Davis

  • Release Date: 2018-12-16
  • Genre: Holiday


My name is Morgan and I am a full-time nurse during the week and on the weekend I enjoy going to the club with my colleagues. One night at the club I decided to leave early by myself. While I walked by an ally I'm attacked and scream for help. A stranger saves me that I later find out is billionaire Terrance Canter. He's breathtaking and I owed him even though I doubted I would ever see him again. 

But then I am invited to his VIP room at the club one night...

I only planned to say thank you again. However one thing leads to another and I ended up naked in his arms. I hadn't regretted it though. He was better than anyone I had ever slept with. So what was the problem? I had been drunk and didn't even think about using protection.

So now here I am, two months later and pregnant. He doesn't know.


  • Description is Incorrect

    By Colleenc375
    I downloaded this book because I was intrigued by the description, but while I was reading this book I found out that the description is WRONG! The female main character is not the one who got attacked! It was the male lead. This description leads you to believe the wrong plot. I was upset.
  • Too many grammatical errors

    By Readr67
    I gave up on this a few pages in because of all of the grammatical errors and stilted dialogue. Glad I didn’t pay for this book.
  • Romantic with speed bumps

    By W.A.Reader
    Very romantic and modern. I tripped over the story details at times and the grammar acted like speed bumps. I had to reread sections to understand due to the wrong words or dropped words.
  • Grammar errors galore

    By Legal Regal
    I really tried to read this book but just couldn’t force it no matter how hard I tried. The misspellings were plentiful, grammar errors interrupted the flow, and the characters were shallow.