Wanderer's Escape - Simon Goodson

Wanderer's Escape

By Simon Goodson

  • Release Date: 2013-06-21
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4
From 168 Ratings


An ancient starship. A young slave. Together they‘ll save the universe… or destroy it.

Jess has been a prisoner all his short life. On the day he’s ordered to clear the traps on a mothballed starship he realises he’s going to die a prisoner. The ship, and others like it, have already claimed hundreds of lives.

When the ship comes to life at his touch Jess snatches the chance to live and begins a frantic flight to freedom. But the Wanderer is no ordinary ship. After centuries lying dormant, Jess’s touch brings it back to consciousness. The Wanderer bonds with Jess, giving him incredible power… but at a higher cost than he could possibly imagine.

Jess finds himself loose in a brutal universe with the Empire, pirates, slavers and worse hunting him so they can control the Wanderer. Yet beyond those challenges waits a far greater danger that will threaten the entire universe if it isn’t challenged. Will Jess and the Wanderer be enough to defeat the threat?

“This novel is a brilliant example of the perfect sci-fi/space opera. Hard edged, but soft hearted, the bond between the ancient ship, Wanderer, and Jess is beautiful.” Cheryl Mackey, Author.

Will Jess and the Wanderer manage to stay free? And if they do, just where will their journey take them? Find out for yourself – buy Wanderer’s Escape today and follow Jess and the Wanderer on their incredible journey!

Praise for Wanderer’s Escape, the first in the five-book Wanderer’s Odyssey series…

“Reading this book, and the two sequels took me back to my teen years, reading Lucky Starr, Isaac Asimov and so many other great adventures.” Richard Bequette, Review.

“Just finished book two and I'm going to start book three tonight. This is turning out to be a great series.” Far left Texas, Review.

“...a rollicking adventure of freedom, friendship, betrayal, space battles, rescues, love, and growth.” graycat98, Review.


  • A fun read.

    By Nehemiah1234
    Mr. Goodson, thank you for sharing your work with me (for free!) through iBooks. I enjoyed it. Keep writing!
  • Wanderer

    By Rom1956
    I did something with this book that I rarely do...I re-read it immediately! That only happens with books that draw me into them. Books that give me an excitement of senses that I don't want to let go of quickly. Great stories, a great movie, great desire to read more of this series. Thank you for your hard work. It does feel more attuned to young people so I'd like more focus on older characters. Obviously, a complete story regarding Sal & Elizabeth. Stage was set for them & may be in rest of series already but if not please consider. Wonderful loved it!
  • Couldn't finish it

    By Birdieman6
    Very juvenile , might appeal to teenagers. I tried to give it a chance but I gave up. I can't imagine what the rest of the series is about, but I'll never find out.
  • Meh

    By sandiemuey
    The idea behind the book is interesting but the writing needs work. Sadly, the book became a chore to read and I only got half way.
  • The struggling man

    By Ajxkhn
    Unexpectedly freed from the only life he ever had, slavery; Jess finds himself as the captain of a mysterious ship more powerful than anything ever built by man. He battles with pirates, corrupt military, slavers, betrayal, his naiveness, and his conscience yet manages to find many new friends and the love of one special person. A good tale to keep you entertained.
  • Wonders escape

    By A. R. Wise
    Great read, thanks to the author for something to help pass the time,keeps you interested and wanting to see what is going to happen next. Thank you Harry H.
  • Almost interesting.

    By TitanZoom
    Character development was weak, but the story fast paced. The writing needs editing.
  • Wanderer book 1

    By not another JT ?
    Hard to put down! Right up there with Randolph Lalonde. On to book two , Echoes of the Past .